Good eye, bad hip cont...

"But then I was born without the nesting gene."

Jim says the second question is almost always, "But isn't that lonely?", which is telling because as his newsletter has relayed often, there is still something most Americans (and all law enforcement) find unsettling about a wandering drifter in the west and adds an equal number can't help but be intrigued by this life...or at least wonder."

'After folks digest that along with the fact that I haven't had a television for all this time and haven't caught more than a glimpse or two for even longer, most want to know what it's like? My stock answer is if you think you'd like it, you will probably love it. If you think it sounds miserable, it will be worse...I happen to love it, but then I was born without the "nesting" gene.'

Whether it be fact or fiction, real or imagined, the West has always conjured images of romance and independence...the truth is somewhere in between, but regardless, over the years, it has lured more than its fair share of heroes and dreamers, wanderers and wayfarers. It's a magical combination and anyone who spends any amount of time there knows there is still some of that left...and Jim's goal is to help document that before it's gone forever.

So with that spirit in mind, he hopes to capture yet a few more images of a vanishing land so that another young mind, on a far off day, might too imagine a very special long ago place, if only through his pictures.

While I'm Above the Snakes...

this is where you will find me :

History in Your Backyard?



Lordy, lordy I have had some bad directions... please get me within a country mile. And please no recently restored structures or tourist traps... The Alamo about broke my heart.


As in what's the story behind it...all the who, what, where, why and how particulars...I love a good tale and telling it even more..


Because you will get a signed and framed 16x20 print of the image and my undying gratitude.

When all is said and done...

It's about the images...

so be assured that each and every photograph contained in these galleries represents a "fleeting moment" in the quickly disappearing landscape called the West.

There are "no posed cowboys", "costumed Indians", or "staged events" of any kind....this is the way the West is and in many ways, the way it least for now.

That said, and because there are as many stories still to be found here as there are images to be had, if after you have purchased a print or upon consideration of one, you would like to know the story behind, please do not hesitate to ask..
quit reading...start looking...

The Indian & The Cowboy

An Evening of music, art, food and ramblings from the road.

With nearly a million miles traveling America's highways and biways between us, Dine Painter Virgil J. Nez and I have acquired a unique perspective of today's American that might surprise you.

Whether it be the observations we offer through our enounters with the thousands of folks we've met, the endless series of mishaps that have befallen us both...or just the images we have created, we are confident you will walk away with a smile that fills the evening.