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Make the old new, the new old...

It's the rare show or day when someone doesn't ask, "If I send you one of my pictures can you make it look like these?"

And to that, I have always ansered, "Yes I can, but no I won't."

Until just now that is.

You see I was recently given the honor and opportunity of resurrecting some old family photos for a customer in the style I have become recognized for.

They were also photos tha were not only important to her and her family, as her Grandfather Engineered for the old #3, but the appealed to my love of the history of the West and the accompanying passion to prserve it for the next generations.

To that end, where I have heretofor said no, I am now saying yes.

Yes, I can make YOUR photos look like mine with a few conditions. First and foremost that they eiter be from a time gone by in The West, or contemporary images that fall under the umbrella of the "vanishing" west.

The other conditions are boring and technical in nature, so contact me if you'd like to learn more.