October 2014

The Front Burner :

Ranchers Fear for Their Lives

If this were happening anywhere else in America, something would be done about it PDQ, but then there's that nagging Chicago that proves me wrong.

I vote we solve the issue in both area's YESTERDAY, as no American should have to be "afraid for their lives" on a daily basis.

If not, we ALL need to vote out whoever's deaf ears these pleas have fallen on.
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Both Sides and the Truth :

"Getting Sued is the Biggest Fear"

There are things that we disagree with and there are things that are just plain wrong...this is one of those and those of you in non-border states had better start making some noise as it's coming to your neighborhood in one fashion or another and pronto.
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"Forget The Politics"

On its face the Keystone pipeline seems to make economic sense, but then again it won't be carving up my land either...regardless, there are few people left who will take a stance knowing it will change their lives forever...that I can respect.
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