October 2014

The Front Burner :

Culture Clash and the Courts

Oh, boy, this one is a quagmire...and while I'm tempted to say "on one hand", in this case two hands will not be adequate.

Not so simply, this is a case that pits those who understandably want the freedom to practice their traditional religions against those who would normally be anti-religion, yet eagerly support tribal and other minority rights...

Add to the mix those who find animal rights to be their guiding light, yet immerse themselves in their brand of Native American spiritualism and other "First Peoples" shamanism, and we have a cunundrum.

Then top it off with the tribes who have rightly, if not all too publically resent the fashionable misappropriation of their beliefs and you have...well...you have that quagmire...welcome to the land of me and mine America has become.

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Both Sides and the Truth

Kennewick Man Won't be Silenced...

This story has always saddened me but, because you all know of my appreciation for the tribes of North America... but given their honorable pursuit of justice and the truth when it comes to telling their story here in America, their actions in the ongoing saga of Kennewick Man always disappoints as they have gone to such great lengths to derail the truths of his story.

Why you ask? All in the fear that he was not of them and was here before them....in my mind's eye, this does nothing to diminish their history, but again, this is not the world we live in today.
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Headdresses and Hypocrites

Given that what most recognize as a "headdress" is sacred and given wearing them as fashion is akin to an American today wearing a Purple Heart or Medal of Honor they had not earned, this should incur the wrath of all.

I doubt this will disuade asshats who find it clever to wear them anymore than it will to disuade some recent to the party "native Americans" who feel slighted even though their personal tribal customs did not incude any regalia even remotely resembling the classic "warbonnet".
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