October 2014

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A Milestone for Yellowstone

It has been rumored for years (there are others as well) that Ted Turner's grand scheme through his vast purchase of land across the west has been to reopen and recreate the natural migration passages for North American Bison.

While this may still be the case, it appears officials at Yellowstone National Park may be a step ahead.

They are seeking public comment on a proposal to introduce wild, free roaming Bison in many western states for the first time in over 100 years.

I for one would be thrilled to see this in my lifetime, you?
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Both Sides and the Truth

"In defense of Wolves"

More evidence that the government should protect our shores and not a whole lot more.

I could fill these pages where their managment of wildlife in this country has gone awry through both ruthlessness or ineptitude...and then there's the "trophy hunters".
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In Defense of Ranchers

You won't find a more ardent supporter of wolf reintroduction programs if managed properly...you won't find a person who would more quickly dispatch of one if it threatened my livestock.
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